Kliro Capital
Investment Management

Investment management and portfolio oversight

Kliro Capital Investment Management (KCIM) is the investment advisor to the family’s investment company.   KCIM provides investment strategy services, financial management and oversight of the portfolio of non-direct investment assets.

Additionally, KCIM has expanded its investments into alternative assets-identifying unique opportunities such as Irish Whiskey investments.

The firm’s team of experts has a passion for exploring new asset classes, where returns can be stronger than those in markets with greater liquidity.  We take a rigorous approach to due diligence and risk management to underpin the confidence in generating strong returns.

Investment Areas


KCIM uses traditional investment techniques including diversified investment portfolios to ensure its asset base is diversified across both industry and geography.


KCIM looks to diversify its investment portfolio by selecting  non-traditional asset classes. The focus is on identifying assets which have the potential to outperform traditional investments and do not follow the same performance cycles. This currently encompasses:

  • Irish whiskey liquid ageing portfolio.
  • Investment into UPSIDE VENTURES FUND I LP
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